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Hot Springs

In Swahili “chemka” means boiling or bubbling. This beautiful mineral spring that originates from Kilimanjaro ground waters releases bubbles as it comes up into the natural pool surrounded by large fig trees. Here you can swim and snorkel in the transparent warm water (26 degrees), sunbathe or relax in hammocks in the shade.

Located approximately 2 hours’ drive from Moshi town and hidden by a beautiful green forest lie natural hot springs, ideal for taking a relaxing dip or simply to use as a backdrop for a tranquil picnic or bbq. You will be accompanied by a driver and guide to can spend as little or as long as you like, with the option to camp overnight in this idyllic spot. If you're lucky, you may be able to spot baboons hanging in the tree-tops above you.

Maasai Village

The Maasai are a nomadic tribe living mainly in Kenya and Tanzania (East Africa). The Maasai are the most famous people of East Africa and are known for their traditional way of life, language, beautiful jewelry, and clothing. Spread over Tanzania you will find traditional Masai villages. While visiting a Masai village (Manyatta) you discover more about the ancient traditions and rituals of the Maasai culture.

Mount Meru Waterfalls

Also known as Sapuku waterfalls, located in Arusha, Tanzania. The best hike closest to the city offering great views of Mt. Meru and it's nature. If it's a clear enough day you might be lucky to see Mount Kilimanjaro. 


Marangu Waterfalls 

Ndoro waterfall is the biggest falls in Marangu area of northern Tanzania. This waterfall is famous not because of the amount of water it plunges into the gorge, but because of its zigzag trekking nature to the bottom of the waterfalls through a typical river vegetations in a neighborhood of coffee and banana trees.

The rivers have stone boulders, as a result of water erosion on these volcanic slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This waterfall is in the River Whona.  After hiking and descending through the stunning, green landscape for approximately one hour, you will reach a huge waterfall.

Here you will have the opportunity to swim and take a break for lunch in this beautiful valley. 


Lake Duluti

Lake Duluti is found inside a volcanic crater with water throughout the year, mainly from ground water and seasonal rainfall. It lies in the shadows of Mt. Meru for a lovely view while enjoying the "lake life". You can find many different species like grey herons, fish eagles, cormorants, ospreys, egrets, and much more. 


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Coffee Process and Tour

Since you will be in the village you will have the opportunity to learn about the process from which coffee is grown, to when it is finally poured, and steaming hot into the cup. You will pick your own coffee, remove the cover, then with coffee that has been previously dried out, and crush it into coffee granules.  After experiencing the complete coffee production process you will be able to enjoy your very own, satisfying and rewarding cup of fresh coffee.

Njoro Forest, Moshi

Approximately one hour outside of Moshi town lays the Njoro Forest. By taking bicycles, or simply on foot, you will explore the forest with a guide, where it is possible to spot the colobus monkey, blue monkey, and if lucky the rarely sited Kirk’s dik-dik which also inhabit in all of the national safari parks. 
You will also visit a rice plantation and the enormous magical tree, surrounded by myth and legend. This is where most people will opt to stop for lunch. You will then head back to Moshi town.

Snake Park - Mserani

The snake park provides various activities, take a guided tour and learn about some of the most dangerous snakes in the world, from the Black and Green Mamba, Egyptian Cobra, Puff Adders and many more. Capture your special moment and hold a real live snake. Check out the 3m plus crocodiles at feeding time and touch a baby crocodile. You can also enjoy your personal Maasai guide who will take you on a spectacular tour of the Maasai Cultural Museum, to jumping on a camel and going on safari to the local village. 


Maisha Arts Development Project Tour

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Maisha Arts Development is a Non-Profit Organization that incorporates life and arts development in communities around Arusha, Tanzania.